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Deep Cleansing Facial
Convenient Location in Miami
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Tightens The Skin
Firms up the skin without you having to have any surgery
Lasting Effects
Continue to see improvements for up to three months
Post-operative Liposuction
Non-surgical procedure to reduce sagging or bulging skin
Anti-Aging skin tightening
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Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Facial Treatment in Miami

Radio Frequency at Ananda Spa

Radio frequency skin tightening is a revolutionary treatment that lifts, re-tightens, and firms up the skin without you having to have any surgery. Ananda Spa has recently introduced the radio frequency face lift treatment in addition to the dermapen treatments and deep cleansing facials that our clients have always associated with us. The non-invasive treatment is great for you if you do not believe you are old enough for more invasive procedures or just do not believe you need them. The treatment stimulates the natural production and renewal of collagen in the skin which results in rejuvenated skin that is radiant, tighter, and smoother. Favored by some of the biggest celebrities such as Mel B and Amanda Holden, the treatment is fast becoming the go-to solution for getting rid of excess skin, wrinkles and fine lines.

The radio frequency facial involves the application of a cosmetic gel followed by a wand passed over the skin in circular sweeping motions in a procedure known as rf microneedling. The wand produces heat that warms the skin up to temperatures of about 40 C. When the skin reaches such high temperatures, the brain is tricked into believing that there has been an injury, and hence sets in motion the natural healing process. The healing process is triggered by an increase in collagen production that leads to a tightening of elastin fibers. Tight elastin fibers result in skin that is lifted and tighter than it was before. You should generally see results right from the first treatment though we always recommend that you receive a course of six treatments over three weeks for the best results. The best thing about the procedure is that you will continue to see improvements for up to three months after you finish the entire course of treatment. These are some of the immediate benefits:

Reduces and Removes Cellulite by emitting RF waves at the fatty layers in the subcutaneous fat to diminish their bulge.
Immediate results right after the first course of treatment
It is a very effective way of losing fats that is just as good as surgical procedures
Non-invasive procedure that will stimulate the production of new collagen tissue
Effectively deal with any sagging or bulging skin after Liposuction
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What It Does

Reduces and Removes Cellulite

Cellulite is the dimpling of the skin particularly on the thighs and hips as a result of subcutaneous fat pushing through from the connective tissue underneath the skin. The condition generally tends to afflict women more than men since women tend to store much of their fat in the buttocks and thighs. Thanks to radio frequency treatment you no longer have to suffer from unsightly cellulite. Our radio frequency skin tightening treatment works by emitting RF waves that the fatty layers in the subcutaneous fat to diminish their bulge. The reduction in the bulge of the fatty deposits usually results in better blood circulation and tissue tightening, thus improving the appearance of cellulite.

Instant Long Lasting Results

The RF treat that the professionals at Ananda Spa provide is instant. You should see immediate results right after the first course of treatment as the RF will act on the elastin fibers to make you feel and look tighter almost immediately. Moreover, unlike other treatments such as Botox, the radio frequency treatment triggers a natural self-healing process whose effects can last for up to two years.

Before and After Three Radio Frequency Treatments

Reduces Body Fats

Body fat is not unique to women as both men and women can have general body fat. However, in both cases of cellulite and body fat, the fatty deposits are typically in the lower superficial areas of the skin making them very hard to get rid of. Thank heavens for the advent of RF treatments which can address any type of body fat. The heat of the RF treatment heats up the body fat and melts it up, after which it is drained out of the body via the lymphatic system. It is a very effective way of losing fats that is just as good as surgical procedures.

Skin Tightening

Your skin cells progressively lose the ability to regenerate as a result of aging, which is what results in fine lines and wrinkles. However, some skin problems go beyond wrinkles with some people having stretched and lumpy skin as a result of sudden changes in their weight. Given that you can significantly enhance the quality of the skin by doing some alterations on the inside, radio frequency tightening is one of the most effective ways of doing so. The RF treatment is a non-invasive procedure that will stimulate the production of new collagen tissue, which will facilitate healing processes that will tighten the skin. Our RF facial treatment is very effective for treating any sagging or lumpy skin issues among other common symptoms of aging skin.

Smoothens out Post-operative Liposuction

Many people who go through liposuction end up with an unnatural finish to the treated area. Often, one will notice bumps on the part of the body which are never a pretty sight, when the look you were going for was proportional skin tissue alignment, some fat, and muscle. While you could opt to go back under the knife to treat these lingering issues, RF could be the best solution for your problems. RF is a non-surgical procedure that will effectively deal with any sagging or bulging skin using natural processes to get you looking as natural as can be.

Reshapes your Body Contours

Unlike any other treatment, our radio frequency skin tightening treatment does not require any surgery or intensive work to reshape your body. It works underneath the skin and leaves your superficial layers intact. Skin contouring using RF is particularly effective for persons that have achieved significant weight loss which normally leaves sagging skin. The RF treatment is not only great for the face but also for reshaping the body by smoothening out liposuction defects, tightening the skin, removing unwanted body fat and reducing cellulite.


Our Ananda Spa in Sweetwater Miami has the best beauty professionals who have the experience and skill to administer this one of a kind treatment that will give you back your glow. They will consult with you to determine what your goals are, after which they will recommend customized solutions that will ensure you get optimum results regardless of your age. Click here to learn more about our Ananda Spa radiofrequency tightening treatment in Sweetwater Miami, Florida.



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