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Deep Cleansing Facial
Convenient Location in Miami
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Boost Collagen
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes
Minimize Skin Scars
Lowers the appearance of acne scars, trauma, or surgical scars
Skin Pigmentation
Help improve levels of pigmentation or lack thereof
deep level skin nutrients
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The Most Advanced Treatment Dermapen Miami

Facial with Dermapen at Ananda Spa

If you are tired of sagging skin, have seen too many crow's feet and frown lines pop up over the years, or are simply ready to regain that jovial appearance you had only a few years back, the Dermapen facial is a great solution. It is non-surgical, meaning the skin needling procedure will require no downtime or time off work after being performed. So, how exactly does the microneedling Miami work? Who will most benefit from Derma rolling? These are a few basics to consider if you are interested in the Dermaroller treatment, and would like to improve the appearance of your face.

What is a Dermapen Miami Facial 

This is a revolutionary procedure which uses a microneedling pen to tighten, firm, lift, and rejuvenate the skin's appearance. It helps boost collagen levels, and helps pinpoint acne scars, trauma, or even surgical scars, in the areas of treatment. The procedure can visibly improve the appearance of:

Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes
Minimize the appearance of acne scars, trauma, or surgical scars.
Help improve levels of pigmentation or lack thereof
Treat stretch marks on different areas of the body
Reduce pore size and regenerate skin

Depending on the reason you desire to have this treatment, there are many different approaches the skin care professional will take when performing the microneedling pen technique. 

Have your procedure done today 

We are currently offering vouchers to new patients who are ready to improve the appearance of those unsightly stretch marks, scars, or other issues they want to treat. If you are ready to see a younger, more jovial appearance, or would like to treat other traumatic scars or skin conditions, click on this link or visit us today to learn more about the procedure. As a new patient, you are also going to receive the promotional benefit of our latest voucher and discounts, so you will save on the overall cost of your dermapen facial procedure, all while improving your appearance, and feeling better about yourself.

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MicroNeedling Miami

The dermapen has two parts which is the electric hand piece, and the disposable needles which are applied to the treatment area. There are 12 microscopic needles on the pen. Upon contact with the skin, these mini needles will pierce the exterior dermis layer of the skin which create tiny punctures, and cause micro-traumas. This triggers an immediate immune response, which in turn creates new, healthy collagen layers on the skin. The end result? A finer and younger looking appearance of course.

The micro-channels also have topical nutrients which are beneficial to the areas being treated with the pen. They penetrate deep into the skin's layers, in order to further benefit and enhance the treatment being performed. It is effective even in those hard to treat areas.


Among the disturbing facial skin issues are acnes that are varied in form. The varied forms including pimples, breakouts, whiteheads or blackheads are an unwelcome site on the face and need immediate and long lasting solutions. At the facial spa, your perfect solution awaits you. Excess sebum secretion results in pimples, but with some facials, the skin can be allowed to stay free of them by having unclogged pores that let the oils and sebaceous gland secretions out of the skin. When at the facial spa, your skin type will be analyzed, and several options proposed to you where you can choose the perfect solution and get right at it to free your skin. Extraction and deep cleansing facial are just some of the options available besides a wide variety of treatments available.


Visit us today! 

If you are ready to see that instant improvement, visit our site or give us a call today. We are prepared to offer you the best pricing for this non-surgical skin enhancing procedure, and we have some great vouchers and discounts currently available for our local customers. Just mention you desire a facial with dermapen Miami. No matter what you want to treat, our professionals are ready to speak to you, and we currently have great promotions available for our new patients who are ready to improve the appearance of their face/body.



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