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Deep Cleansing Facial
Convenient Location in Miami
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I want to get rid of this acne!
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Fight Harmful Bacteria
Antibacterial procedures
prevents further breakouts
and unclog pores
Remove Excess Oil
Removal of oil that is 
trapped in the pores
Reduced Marks and Scars
Gentle steaming to open up pores followed up by a painless
extraction of impurities
after 5 treatments
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Start Doing Facials as Acne Treatment Miami

Acne Treatment Facials at Ananda Spa

For a firmer skin, glowing complexion, fewer break outs, smoother texture and so much more, we offer exclusive Facial Spa services to our growing family of happy customers. We understand the complexities of different skin types across all ages and have perfected the different facials to get rid of them. Facials performed as acne treatment Miami should be a priority fighting that skin condition

More than ever before, acne treatments are not a preserve of the teenagers; many women and men in their 20's and 30's are experiencing irritated skin, spots and pimples. These conditions build up as a result of the skin producing excess oils as well as poor blood circulation.

Eliminate red bumps and marks
Fight harmful bacteria associated with acne
Remove excess oil
Lowers rosacea and skin irritation
Cleaner, healthier skin

This facial treatment gets rid of the red, tender bumps characteristic of cystic acne. In some severe cases, the bacteria thriving on the dead skin cells may further spread the condition; book an appointment at our facial spa today and forget about the itchiness.

By employing deep-tissue and deep-pore cleansing, these oils are cleared and circulation stimulated. We use a variety of antibacterial ingredients which soothe your skin, thereby preventing further breakouts.

The tough-to-reach spots on your back may experience clogged pores, back acne and dehydration when not properly cared for; a bumpy back is a recipe for stress. Our treatment mimics the proven traditional techniques for extractions, deep cleansing and purifying.

Once you purchase our back facial service that comes with a voucher, our facialists starts off by gentle steaming to open up pores followed up with a painless extraction of impurities. After exfoliation and deep cleansing, a therapeutic mask or a neck, shoulder and back massage is offered.

This facial is especially suited for those who wear lower-back attire and during the alllbathing suit' season. We are now introducing additional skin treatments such as dermabrasion and glycolic peels formerly reserved for face treatments.

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Adolescent/Teen Facial

This facial helps in eliminating teen skincare trouble and if done early enough, could prevent them from surfacing. By subscribing to our teen facial today, you receive a voucher that goes towards deep cleansing and gentle extractions.

The healing mask dehydrates flaky and dry skin while elimination the oily particles; the breakouts are kept at bay. As an added bonus, we educate teens on the benefits of preemptive skincare.

At our spa, we discuss with teens the various at-home recommendations for maintaining a consistent skincare plan. Uncovering the importance of healthy skincare at this age creates a life-long habit.

As a regulatory compliance measure, guests below 18 years should be accompanied by their guardian(s).

Adult Acne

Among the disturbing facial skin issues are acnes that are varied in form. The varied forms including pimples, breakouts, whiteheads or blackheads are an unwelcome site on the face and need immediate and long lasting solutions. At the facial spa, your perfect solution awaits you. Excess sebum secretion results in pimples, but with some facials, the skin can be allowed to stay free of them by having unclogged pores that let the oils and sebaceous gland secretions out of the skin. When at the facial spa, your skin type will be analyzed, and several options proposed to you where you can choose the perfect solution and get right at it to free your skin. Extraction and deep cleansing facial are just some of the options available besides a wide variety of treatments available.

Acne facial smoothens out the uneven skin complexion around your cheeks, common with clients with acne-prone or oily skin. By incorporating an assortment of techniques such as steaming, facial extractions and deep cleansing, the pore-clogging sebum removed entirely. Once you contact us, we encourage you to ask questions on what exactly we do to your skin. If your acne mainly occurs on your back, our therapist will enquire whether you use certain acne medications before settling for a treatment. Should a client have an extreme case of acne, we politely advise against spa facial treatment as this may further agitate the situation. Instead, we refer you to a dermatologist and help you book an appointment. After a conclusive consultation, we can proceed with the facial once the condition has improved.To prevent acne flare-ups later on, we use gycolic and salicylic acids. Purchase our acne facial today and receive a complimentary voucher, redeemable at our Spa. We offer regular facials to our clients as a way of taming acne for good.


Another condition usually associated with acne is Rosacea. The rosacea facial soothes away irritation and decreases the redness caused by the skin condition. Apart from evening your skin tone, this facial strengthens the delicate capillaries; your skin is protected, corrected and boosted.

Our aestheticians have extensive knowledge and experience in treating rosacea conditions. We avoid all the conventional ingredients and techniques which may worsen the condition. Instead, we offer various spa services like a relaxing back massage; this is one of the leading causes of rosacea.

Ingredients such as green teas, olive oil, willow herb and many more are used too. An assortment of mineral makeup lines helps keep the condition in check later on. To help you target this condition, we recommend the appropriate cosmetic lines suited to your skin type, and of course, regular facials as acne treatment Miami.

To enjoy all these benefits, we implore you to subscribe to our facial spa services and receive a complementary voucher. Join our growing family today and rediscover the special glow on your skin once again. Cheers!



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