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Deep Cleansing Facial
Convenient Location in Miami
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Cleansing facial
Remove Pimples & BLACKHEADS
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Deep Pore Cleansing
Pimples, breakouts,
whiteheads and blackheads
eliminated by a specialist
Skillful Extractions
Removal of oil that is trapped in the pores
High Quality Products
Make the skin look youthful
Improves your skin elasticity
Don't do it yourself!
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The Best Facials in Miami

Deep Cleansing Facial at Ananda Spa

The face turns out to have the most sensitive skin besides being the most exposed to the environment. It does take some effort to have that spotless face especially if you have a unique facial skin, for instance, oily skin. Without the proper care, battling with acne, blackheads, pimples and breakouts can prove to be an incredibly hard task. You do not have to worry because, at a facial spa, you can receive just the right skin care to give you that face you desire. If you read carefully the reviews in websites like Yelp or Groupon you will see that Ananda Spa offers are among the best facials in Miami.

The facial skin is under continuous growth, and hence dead skin cells may accumulate if not removed. The exfoliating treatment that will help remove the dead skin cells and impurities is referred to as deep cleansing facial. It is the best way to handle skin breakouts, fine lines and dehydration.

Deep cleansing facial does several amazing things to your face which include the following and much more:

Allows the removal of dead skin cells
It will make the skin look youthful
Rejuvenates the facial skin
Improves your skin elasticity
Allows for new skin cells to be generated

The facial spa in the growing city of Sweetwater, in Miami, Florida, goes a long way in ensuring you get the best results through approved ways that are friendly to your facial skin. Depending on your skin type, the procedure will be customized to suit your needs. The deep cleansing facial is being offered at a discounted price, and so you can pick a voucher to enjoy this wonderful treatment that brings back the power of your facial skin. You will notice the positive energy people will develop towards you when you have that perfect facial skin. Take your beauty to the next level. Click here to know more about Microdermabrasion in Sweetwater, Miami.

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Among the facial treatments, available extraction has always stood out. It is simply the removal of oil that is trapped in the pores. The skin is filled with oil, and it takes good skin care to ensure it does not result in damage to your complexion or skin when you forcibly squeeze by yourself. At the facial spa, extractions are done carefully to leave you with a smooth, glowing complexion that gives you incredible confidence. The affected areas which are called T-zones include the chin, nose and random spots along the cheeks. This treatment done by professionals follows a clearly laid out procedure to ensure you get the best results. The best Men facial in Miami, Florida

Some people are always afraid of extractions because of the various rumors that have convinced them of the pain they may face. It is however not that bad. It is the same as any other facial, and once you start the procedure at the facial spa, you will realize there is nothing to fear about extractions. The results too are astonishingly good and will be worth every step you go through. It is a simple procedure that sometimes may need only a pair of gloves and tissue although depending on your needs, adjustments are made to deliver to you the amazing skin you desire. You will love to try our Dermapen treatment.


Among the disturbing facial skin issues are acnes that are varied in form. The varied forms including pimples, breakouts, whiteheads or blackheads are an unwelcome site on the face and need immediate and long lasting solutions. At the facial spa, your perfect solution awaits you. Excess sebum secretion results in pimples, but with some facials, the skin can be allowed to stay free of them by having unclogged pores that let the oils and sebaceous gland secretions out of the skin. When at the facial spa, your skin type will be analyzed, and several options proposed to you where you can choose the perfect solution and get right at it to free your skin. Extraction and deep cleansing facial are just some of the options available besides a wide variety of treatments available. Book for professional acne facial in Miami.


The face communicates a lot about you and thus having that perfect skin that comes with confidence will take you to a whole new level. For your convenience, our facility is located at the center of the City of Sweetwater, in Miami Dade, and it’s very easy to access. You will feel good and be more productive when you are okay with how you look. You no longer have to look in the mirror and shudder but instead, book a facial treatment at this facial spa and smile every time you see yourself in the mirror. Pick a voucher and enjoy the deep cleansing facial at the facial spa at a discounted price. It is very important to remark that all our facialists in Sweetwater, Miami, are fully licensed with the Florida Board of Cosmetology which qualifies the Salon to offer facials in Miami.



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