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Deep Cleansing Facial
Convenient Location in Miami
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Minimize Eye Dark Circles
Injection of the BB cream formulation into the skin with the dermapen
Makeup Whole Day
Treatment will not clog your pores, makeup will remain with you
Elastin and Collagen
Nano Crystalline to enhance the health of the skin and make collagen
dermapen with colors
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Semi-Permanent BB Cream Foundation Dermapen in Miami

BB Glow Dermapen at Ananda Spa

Could you imagine waking up every morning with a perfect and even complexion without having to use any makeup and not having any red spots? No one would ever say no to having the look of a full base makeup without having to buy a full range of makeup products for your morning routine. How much time would you save every month if you could just roll out of bed ready to go with the foundation already applied? Heck how much money would you save? Well, you don’t need to ask those questions anymore as Ananda Spa the premier Sweetwater Miami that brought you the impressive dermapen treatments and deep cleansing facials now bring you the Semi-Permanent BB Cream Foundation Treatments.

What is the Semi-Permanent BB Cream Foundation Treatments?
It is a micro-needling facial treatment that injects a layer of BB cream into your skin to give your face a natural looking foundation which lasts for a few months. The treatment is great if you are the “my skin but better look” crowd who does not like to mess around with too much makeup. The treatment will provide light to medium coverage of dark eye circles, redness and any blemishes ion your skin. Once you get the treatment it lasts for between six months to a year. These are some of the immediate benefits:

Blurring effect from under the skin makes dark circles less visible
Main ingredient of the treatment will not clog your pores and does not have any harmful metals.
Never have to worry about breakouts from wearing makeup the whole day
No longer have to spend a lot of time applying foundation in the morning
Enjoy your evenings without having to remove the daily makeup.
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How it Works

At its core, the BB Glow Treatment is a hybrid micro needling treatment that injects cream formulations into the skin to make for brighter complexions and even skin tones.
When you visit Ananda Spa our aesthetician will cleanse and exfoliate the skin and then apply a numbing cream. Unlike your traditional microneedling, the professional will then use a denser needle prefilled with pigment which will then be used to evenly apply the formula on your skin. Once they are done with the pin pricking, they will apply a face mask to relax the skin. The process typically takes at most an hour and a half. You will need to come back to the Spa at least once or twice for the full course of treatment.
In case you are worried of color matching or sensitive skin, call us and we will set up an appointment where you can swatch before you take on the full treatment. An aesthetician will test the treatment on your neck so that you can decide if it is for you or not.

Matching Skin Color

With a wide selection of skin colors to choose from your micro-needling BB Cream Foundation treatment is guaranteed to minimize even what you thought was impossible.

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